University of Stirling funded PhD project

The aims of this studentship are:

(1) to evaluate the transferability of satellite-based models of phytoplankton primary production developed for oceans to lakes;

(2) to apply the model(s) to the satellite datasets for selected UK and international lakes to generate primary production time-series;

(3) examine intra- and inter-annual changes in the productivity of the selected lakes in relation to catchment and climate drivers. The student will validate and develop a range of primary production algorithms for suitability in contrasting lake ecosystems. The PhD will also entail field work and the collection of in situ measurements using 14C photosynthesis-irradiance curves and continuous in-situ measurements of O2-evolution from instrumented buoys. The best performing algorithms will be used to process satellite data for a selection of lakes to enable patterns of primary production, and their drivers, to be determined at high resolution in space and time in relation to climatic effects.

Application Deadline: 07 June 2013


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