Before leaving

Once your time at UPV is coming to an end, you should evaluate your Mentor through a survey available at the Mentor section of Aire. These Spanish students get ECTS for their labour, so it’s very important that you evaluate them.

When the exams period is finished and all the professors have put all the grades in the Intranet, the International Relations Office will issue your transcript of records with the grades and ECTS of each subject you studied here. If you have any other document that you may need to take back home (e.g. certificate of stay, Learning agreement), bring it to the office and we will confirm it and sign it.

If by that time you are still in Valencia, you will be able to pick up these documents and take them with you. If you aren’t any longer in the city, we will send them by email and by post to the Erasmus coordinator at your home university.